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MIF-Furniture Insist Quality First
Quality first,customer-orientated,wide make friend,good faith service
As we all know, the prices of hardware and raw materials fluctuate greatly,and even the prices of raw materials for the same batch may vary greatly.When we sign the contract,the price of raw materials was 7000 yuan/ton,however,when we put into production the beginning of production, raw materials prices rose to 8000 yuan/ton,Under these circumstances,the adviser suggested that only cut corners can we make a profit,Even at a loss,we have to produce high-quality office chair in accordance with the contract,only for the time to provide high-quality office chairs to customers.

 Future installation
Our technical staff trained the local workers how to install, and took teaching video in English for future installation. After that our after sales service person also taught them how to maintain products and how to increase service life through network.
Give the corresponding number of accessories according to the order quantity easy for replacement of maintenance. 
Offer two years warranty at least according to the product type, it can be replace the accessories for free within the the warranty

Office Furniture & Public Chairs Provider

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