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Design collaborations
Design collaborations
Carl---Product design department
Served 50 customers

My graduate professional is a professional furniture design. As a domestic professional designer, I came to MIF furniture after graduation. For seven years, I led our team to design more than 100 chairs, including office chairs and waiting chairs.
Before designing a new product, I will make a team with my customers and salesman to do market research in order to understand the needs and preferences of users, combined with the views of customers and determine the design.
With MIF furniture carefully preparation, the product is very popular in the local market, and become hot selling product soon.

Master work

On 2016, US customers asked us to design an office chair that matched the American white body and aesthetics.
We attached great importance to this project. Our boss flew to the United States and met the customer immediately. At the same time, our design team has done a lot of market research and survey questionnaires, visited the local well-known fashion designers and furniture designers, access to a lot of industry information.
Two weeks later, MIF-Furniture provided five preliminary design options, making them very surprised that we can finish in a short time. After confirming the final design, we produced two samples and shipped to them. Customers are very satisfied, our chair is very consistent with market demand. The customer immediately signed a $ 1 million contract and re-ordered a $ 500,000 order in a short period of time.
A good design made a good product! MIF furniture has an experienced design team that helps more than 100 customers design hot selling office furniture.

Office Furniture & Public Chairs Provider

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