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why choose MIF
Do you have such a problem?
1. High mold cost, if we need to produce according drawing provided by clients and the order quantity is too small, then the mould cost will be too high to company.
2. Big product volume, high sample freight cost
Big product volume of waiting chair and office chair, if clients need samples, then the sample freight cost will be too high, even higher than the cost of the product. Company will have great lost if clients do not place order.

Why Choose Chinese Furnifure Manufacturer?
1. Complete industrial chain
The supporting industrial chain is complete in China. Short development period of new products, quick update and iteration.
2. Convenient transportation
Complete infrastructure in China, Convenient transportation, can meet requirements of clients within a short time.
3. High performance price ratio
Compare to other developing countries, Chinese products have attractive design and high cost effective.
4. Low cost
Abundant domestic resources, easy to get raw material, low cost of production, have an advantage over developed country.

Compare with peer suppliers, MIF+ Furniture's advantages:
(1) Automatic production: Complete production equipment, high level of automation; effectively avoid quality reduction caused by Human Error.
(2) Complete industrial chain: with complete supporting facilities, have our own plating factory and packing factory. Have an advantage on cost control, quality control, lead time control.
(3) Novel design: Personnel allocation is reasonable and efficient. Professional designers develop new products, post ten more hot item products each month.
(4) Multiple path communication: building whole network marketing, Create Company Homepage on social platforms home and abroad such as facebook、twitter、youtube. Providing the latest news to clients comprehensively.
(5) Traffic developed: MIF-Furniture located in Traffic developed Pearl River Delta, Convenient transportation, low transportation cost, can meet requirements of clients within a short time.
(6) All qualified: MIF-Furniture has our own Trademarks and patents, make our clients feel safe while cooperating with us.

Pre-sales Service
1. Variety language for product introduction
Offer the product introduction documents according to the language used by client, and we also have the video introduction of variety language versions.
2. Visit factory for free
MIF-Furniture would like to offer sample and assume corresponding charge as long as achieve the minimum order quantity. MIF-Furniture will be invite clients to visit factory and arrange reception by specially-assigned person. 

Sales Service
1. Risk-Free
All loss in the transportation shall be assume by us. 
2. Gift Accessories 
Give the corresponding number of accessories according to the order quantity easy for replacement of maintenance. 
3. One-to-one service
We will provide the one-to-one service according to client’s time who is interesting in our products.

After-sales Service 
1. Warranty
Offer two years warranty at least according to the product type, it can be replace the accessories for free within the the warranty.
2. Regular return visit
After clients received the goods, follow up clients actively after one week, one month, half a year, a year. Solve the problems that clients meet.
3. Discount
When Regular customers buy again, they can enjoy the discount, preferred experience MIF - Furniture of the latest products.

Office Furniture & Public Chairs Provider

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