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The furniture market is polarized

The furniture market is polarized
Issue Time:2018-01-05

Throughout the current domestic market, many industries have "polarization" phenomenon: on the one hand, a large number of consumers are keen on the pursuit of cost-effective, on the other hand, a small number of high-end brands continue to soar, but still have the market demand.In this case, a large number of mid-end brands are in an awkward position -- trying to pull out of the market, but consumers are not buying it, and they can only put their teeth down and fight a price war.

The above scenario, whether in the current clothing industry or mobile phone industry, has emerged.However, from the feedback of furniture dealers, the current furniture industry also appears this trend.

On the one hand, the market has reached a consensus on the pursuit of cost performance."Generally speaking, Nordic modern style furniture is the most cost-effective in terms of design, materials and production.Considering that the prices of the first and second-tier cities are generally high and the hardback has been delivered, it is the first choice for the newly budgeted family, so ikea is very popular now.

High-end markets, on the other hand, continue to magnify.In recent years, the market size of imported furniture has been expanding, and the cost of luxury owners to spend on soft clothing is also rising. "the real good thing is that consumers are willing to pay the bill," he said.But dealers also have to admit that powerful consumers are getting smarter about which brands are true premium brands and which are "fake."

Therefore, in the dealer's view, in the current market structure, a large number of traditional solid wood furniture status is more embarrassing.Upwards, it is difficult to obtain the high-end consumer market recognition;Down, the cost is difficult to compete with the Nordic modern furniture.Above all, this kind of furniture becomes more and more difficult to obtain young consumer's approval."If it's still the same, without the features, it's really hard to do it later."This is also a lot of dealer's intuition.

MIF + Furniture distribution personnel, also realize that, in the field of metal Furniture, the domestic economical style to the least developed countries, the product concept, high-end foreign markets is introduced into the manufacturing process, also a Chinese and western ideal effect.

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