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What are the common chair categories?

What are the common chair categories?
Issue Time:2017-12-12

Coffee chairs

The Coffee Chair, designed by south Korean designer Sunhan kwon, is designed to be the silhouette of a Coffee cup, and the handle of the cup can be used to hang clothes, bags, etc.There are black, white and brown colors, which are very suitable for the coffee shop.


The general name of the back chair that has armrest, besides the chair, the chair, the rest is called arm-chair.The patterns and decorations are simple and complex.

Often with the tea table, the four chairs and two are placed on both sides of the hall, symmetrical display.

Massage chair

The principle of massage chair is to imitate artificial massage, but it is to use mechanical roll power and mechanical force squeeze to undertake massage.Massage chair can follow the curve of human body along the spine to use sway, finger press, knead, push knead to wait for a variety of massage technique to undertake deep massage.It's as if someone is thumping their backs and rubbing their shoulders when they are enjoying the relaxation of their body in a massage chair

Swivel chair

The upper part is not very different from the style of the general chair, but there is a kind of rotating shaft that is called "the only leg" in the seat, so the body can be rotated around at will.The time that swivel chair appears is not too early, it is Chinese furniture absorbs an outside style of a kind of sit chair earlier

Rocking chair

One study showed that the most common swings in sleep were roughly the same as the frequency of the heartbeat, at 67 beats per minute.It was based on the results of this study that the pendulum bed swung at about 5cm and gradually decelerated and eventually stopped swinging.

Cany chair

Various chairs are made of bamboo and various chairs.Accordingly, there are rattan chairs, rattan chairs, rattan chairs and other varieties.The rattan chair is breathable and elastic, it is best to choose a chair with back to back, and put on a footstool, let the legs can be laid flat, prevent the lower limb ischemia.

Round-backed armchair

The most obvious characteristic is the circle back is attached to the armrest, from the height to the lower down, the arm that can make a person is leaning on the armrest, feel very comfortable, quite popular.The shape is round graceful, the body is plump and vigorous, it is one of our national unique chairs.Later gradually developed into the indoor use of the armchair.It differs from the chair in that it does not have to cross the legs, but four feet, with wood as the face, is no different from the chassis of ordinary chairs.Just above the chair face the shape of the chair.Most of these chairs are arranged in pairs, but not many.The chair ring of the chair is arc, so use the round material is more harmonious.Most of the chairs use the light - element method, only in the center of the back plate a simple line of decoration, but all very shallow.The "S" curve is made from the back board, which is based on the curve of the human spine and is a typical example of the scientific nature of Ming style furniture.

Deck chair

Deck chair to have appeared in the qing dynasty new USES one of the furniture of style and function, at the end of feudal society of China technology and craft constantly improve, people pay more and more attention to quality of life, life appliance classification is more and more thin, furniture also produces some corresponding varieties such as chair.

The deckchair still has a lot of other name, "bed chair", "warm chair", "easy chair", "spring chair" etc., be the different appellation that the deck chair of a certain style.

The materials used in modern reclining chairs can be: mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, etc.

deck chair

Folding chairs

For centuries, folding chairs have been regarded as one of the most important pieces of furniture, symbols of social status.In ancient prose, folding chairs are not only for seating, but also for formal occasions and rituals.

In the ancient Egyptian furniture, folding chairs were listed as one of the most important furniture.The development of folding chairs began around 2000-1500 BC, and the first folding chairs were reserved seats for military commanders on the battlefield, as well as symbols of power and prestige.Although time goes on, the folding chairs always carry the symbol of power.

The folding chairs in Egypt, and the subsequent Greek and Etruscan (ancient Italy Midwest), together with a folding chairs, became the prototype of the Roman folding chairs, in the period of the Roman republic, Sellacurulis chair began extensive civilian court.

From Rome's "Sellacurulis" chair, to the "Sellaplicatilis" of the rumba, to the "Faldistorium" of the carolingians, we can find a form of change.

Cross the legs of the chair on both sides of the chair and move to the front of the chair.This is to emphasize the cross "X" structure, showing the symbol of power.The best example is the seat of the franconians king Dagobert I.

Before the Renaissance, the typology of folding chairs appeared.We found that the 16th-century Sediadellaforbice chair (scissors chair) inherited Faldistorium.But there are two main differences:

The 'chairofpetrarca' and the 'sediaatenaglia' inherit the 'Savonarola' and the 'dantesca', and their chair legs cross back to the sides of the chair.

In the baroque period, chairs with cross-chair legs did not fold, especially during the period of Louis xiv to Louis xvi, and the 'X' structure was a symbol of xenophobia.Napoleon's battlefield seat "Fauteuil" comes from the old French "Faldestoel", which comes from the Latin "Faldistorium".

As the folding chair itself becomes a popular seat, the form and production process are diversified.Also because folding chair already does not contain too much power and exalted symbol, so this also led to new function, new design development.By the end of the 19th century, folding chairs had been designed by utilitarians, with seats for all sorts of USES.Folding chairs have a long history of military use.It requires a forthright and compact appearance, and a feature of durability.When it starts to show aesthetics, people have memories of it.But it has never been beautifully designed.Napoleon chair Fauteuil from old French Faldestoel ", "the name of the roots from the Latin for" Faldistorium ", in the past the naming of folding chairs with dignity and noble meaning, which napoleon chair "Fauteuil" as the name of the chief seats.

folding chair

Back chair

All chairs without arms are called back chairs.The back chair because of the change of the brain and the back of the back, often have many patterns, also have different reputation.

back chair

Fitness chair

Occupy small area, collect convenient morning and evening movement, one fold is easy to use.Ab gym chair special design allows you to carry out a wider range of motion to achieve amazing results!In addition, it is more suitable for the design of the human body.There are also new bottom 5 movable pin, plug in, can be fixed as ordinary chair, as household goods, spot adjustment, have the gym chair exercise kinetic energy.Add a workout calf and a pedal wheel.

Multi-functional chair

Multi-function massage chair is a kind of reclining chair which USES microcomputer to control the comprehensive health care.It has rolling pressure, beating, soft kneading integrated massage function, can eliminate the fatigue of the work of human body time.It adopts the movement track which is consistent with the human back curve and has the function of leg vibration or rolling massage.Can choose a variety of different massage ways and massage part to massage, achieve ideal massage effect.

Fast eat chair

[words] : fast dining chair.The classification of fast food chair is divided into: real wood chair, steel wood chair, curved wood chair, aluminium alloy chair, metal chair, cane chair, plastic chair, glass steel chair, acrylic chair, board chair and so on.The fast dining chair is used in the fast dining chair is the steel wood chair, and the most representative of the steel wooden chair used in the fast food restaurant is the table and chair of the KFC.

dining chair

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