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Advocate healthy sitting position: start with choosing ergonomic computer chair

Advocate healthy sitting position: start with choosing ergonomic computer chair
Issue Time:2017-11-30

Advocate healthy sitting position: start with choosing ergonomic computer chair

Modern people live and work for a long time. They must be seated.Students and office workers who spend more than six hours a day on computers or books are the norm.It's not even just sitting at work or reading, working, or even coming home, watching TV, using a computer, playing with a phone and a tablet.More than half of the time in a day is spent sitting in a sitting position, which is a major health hazard, and the negative effects of sitting can't be estimated.

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But work and life need, we can't do without "sitting", and how to "sit well" and "sit better"? Is a negotiable topic.A proper healthy sitting position can alleviate the problem of sitting and reduce the harm caused by sitting.On May 25, is MIF + Furniture ergonomic chair brand has set up a "global health sitting day", the festival aims to popularize the importance of correct posture, cervical vertebra health, popularize health posture, advocate science sitting position.

Poor posture or use the do not accord with human body engineering office desks and chairs, will lead to the muscles, bones, a series of problems, is the office white-collar cervical spondylosis, between the waist dish outstanding. The main reason for the high incidenceIn many developed countries, office desks and chairs are required to conform to "ergonomics" and reduce the gravity load of the body under the seating conditions.

So how do you choose a computer chair that fits ergonomics?According to the Chinese people's size and human scale data, the choice of computer chair should be considered in the following aspects:

(1) a reasonable distribution of the pressure on the base of the seat will cause the ischium to bear the pressure peak, and the surrounding area will decrease in turn, or the pressure will be evenly distributed.The seat height of the computer chair is 370-400mm.The seating depth of the seat is maintained between 380 and 445mm. Seat width is generally 380-470mm. Angle seat surface should be level even lean forward as far as possible, generally for - 10 ° 0 ° seat can design a front end arc radius of 25 to 50 mm, this can be very good avoid knee nest under the oppression.

(2) the seat back height should be at least 891mm, and no headrest should be at least 585mm.The width of the seat back is 380-470mm.The general position of the headrest should be located at 624-648mm from the base.The radian radius of the head pillow is usually about 100mm, which conforms to the curve of the human neck.When the back of the back needs to support the lumbar, thoracic spine, back and head, the Angle is greater.The greater the Angle, the greater the support on the back of the body, the higher the comfort level, the higher the rest function.

(3) the distance from the height of the armrest height should be 235-277mm.The distance between the two armrests should be slightly larger than the distance between the two elbows of the standard sitting position, 381-460mm.

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MIF+ Furniture will launch new ergonomic office chair every month, welcome to consult!

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