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What about the ideal office chair?

What about the ideal office chair?
Update Time:2017-12-19
Most people spend about 8 hours every day at work, most likely sitting on one chair. They may take occasional breaks, walk around but most of their day will be on one specific chair. The office chair is the one thing that determines your work productivity. If you are uncomfortable you won’t work well. It needs to be a chair that gives you great posture and mobility as you work.The choice on what kind of chair to buy for the office is never easy. There are many things to consider.


Office chairs should not be fixed in one position. It needs to have adjustability mechanisms so you can change it to suit your needs. I should allow you to change the back support as well as the height of the chair level to the desk. If you can’t adjust the chair, you will be stuck sitting in one position all day which is exhausting and might make you unproductive at work.
Lumbar support
Imagine having to work all day sitting on a chair without back support. By the end of it, your back hurts and it affects your spine in the long run. The ideal office chair has to be one that provides you with back support as you work. It needs to allow you to have great posture at all times. The ergonomic range of chairs is most preferred for this as they are essentially designed to help you with lumbar support.
Office chairs should give you room to move about. Most office spaces require you to move from one end of the desk to get something on the other end. Sometimes you have to turn around and work on the opposite end. If your chair has no mobility, you have to get up and move it physically before resuming your work which is quite cumbersome. For this reason, you need a chair that helps you move around. It should not keep you grounded in one spot all day. Most office chairs have wheels to allow mobility.
When choosing the office chair, it is important to know what color you are looking for and what color the chair is available in. You might want bright colors to lighten up the mood in the office or maybe you want to tone it down and keep things neutral. Whatever the reason, color affects the kind of chair you buy as some may not be available in that particular shade and you settle for a different type of chair altogether. Always go for colors that do not scream too much but are not too dull, take for instance this Ceria Chair, which can be found in our stores.

Always consider what material the chair you want to buy is made of. Do you want a fabric chair, wooden chair or leather chair? Knowing the exact material you want to have helps narrow down on the type of chair.
Just like all furniture, office chairs also need maintenance. You need to consider what has to be done to the chair to keep it in good condition. Based on the material it is made out of, you can know if it needs to be cleaned, do the adjusting levers need to be checked? Always pick a chair that does not require too much maintenance over long periods as it will interfere with your work.

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