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What is ergonomic chair?

What is ergonomic chair?
Update Time:2017-12-06
Ergonomic chair design generous, unique, fashion, lightweight, is widely applied in modern family, entertainment, Internet cafes, hotels, leisure, conference room, office computer desk chair of a new type environmental health.Design principles release nature, human regulation, suitable for various types of body conditioning;The material mainly USES environmental protection material.

Ergonomics mainly adopts net cloth (ingredients: dupont cotton + polyester fiber), environmental protection, such as cotton cloth + high quality memory elastic environmental protection material cushion and the back of the chair, on the process design is very adapt to the development of the new trend of furniture in the future.Good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, comfortable health care, can prevent the chair from the use of the bacteria growth environment.It can reduce the compression area of the buttock back, pressure point of pressure, improve the blood circulation of the buttock back, and avoid the strain of the neck and shoulder waist, and maintain your healthy body.

Functional principle
Ergonomics mainly adjusts fatigue from the following aspects:
1. Head: the height and rotation of the head pillow can be adjusted to allow the user's cervical vertebrae to fit the head pillow naturally, and the sitting position of the sitting person will be regulated, and the anti-office enjoyment will be applied.When the height of the head pillow fully supports your cervical spine, it is the best position.
2, the back of the chair, the waist is the best support position of the third, fourth, spine, the back of the chair height adjustment, easy to meet the needs of different users, reduce (bear most of the body weight.
3. The waist is supported: the separation activity is on the waist, and the rebound force is concentrated on the waist to support the user most closely.By adjusting the curvature of the lower back, the lower back can relax comfortably and relax the back of the spine, thus relieving the fatigue of the vertebral vertebrae.
4. Handrail: adjust the armrest height and Angle, make the hand and mesa smooth transition prevent the mouse hand generation.
Angle free adjustment, no stage, no segment locking, curved back design, bow frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail arc streamline treatment, etc

Sitting tutorial
1, the right seat height should be the seat height can adjust to your feet flat on the floor, and the thigh of bending Angle is 90 °.
2, correct the depth of the seat cushion your hips should be sitting in the seat cushion in place, the most depth and adjust the seat cushion, the seat cushion can effectively support the thigh area of more than two-thirds, and ham and crus of the bending Angle is 90 °.
3, the right armrest height should be adjusted to arm and elbow is 90 °, the arm down naturally, without any hanging shoulder feels is right.Long-term arm is in unsupported or poor support can cause shoulder soreness or shoulder periarthritis and so on, the health effect is very big.
4, right back cushion Angle should be the back completely attached to the back cushion, so can make spine vertebrae must relax, thus effectively relieve fatigue of spine vertebrae, prevent chest pain.
5, correct the waist height should be adjusted to the location of the third section, four, five lumbar vertebrae, because when the body posture when present in addition to the hips and legs ah, the others are made by the weight of the lumbar vertebrae are taking, so the right to adjust the waist height helps prevent tendon and muscle membrane inflammation, disc herniation, spinal decline, lumbar muscle strain, degenerative spine inflammation, sciatica, etc.
6, when operating seat depth adjustment because of the need to rely on the power of the hips to slide the seat cushion, back at this time need to rely on in a fixed state back mat, make power made by hip, if back pad without is locked will lose back with force, cause coxal cannot make force, and then slide seat cushion is not smooth.
7, the right armrest pad Angle should be able to anywhere in your hand or elbow to moderate support, hand or elbow support no moderate can easily cause tunnel syndrome of wrist and elbow joint syndrome, and the protection of the cervical spine, of course, also have certain relations.
8, the right head height head should be adjustable in the third section by section 7 of the cervical spine, so can make cervical spine get moderate support, effectively relieve the fatigue of the cervical spine, prevent bone spurs or chronic spinal degeneration.
9, right back cushion back elastic adjustment, should be relaxed after the weight back, to properly adjust back stretch size, if the elastic than weight will reflect back to back or back is not easy to cause discomfort instead, if the tension is less than the back weight are produced by the lack of support by the sharp back after feeling or casual caused insecurity.

A functional test
back-seat test
A back-seat test is a push back of a chair with a certain force on the back of a chair. It is a chair that leans back and produces a squeeze.The main purpose is to detect the ability of the components of the chair to be squeezed.
The back test is divided into two categories: functional and destructive.
The function test was 91kg and lasted for 1 minute, and the components of the chair were not tested if there was deformation, damage or fracture.
The destructive testing force is 136kg and the duration is 1 minute. If there is serious deformation, damage or fracture of the components of the chair, the test will not pass.

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