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What is the application and composition of the waiting chair?

What is the application and composition of the waiting chair?
Update Time:2017-12-02

Today, the design features and structure of the waiting chair are introduced by MIF+ Furniture.

Waiting chairs are commonly found in airports, stations, wharves, hospitals and public places, and used as temporary breaks.It is often required to be suitable for the environment, strong and beautiful, good carrying capacity, suitable for all kinds of people, and convenient for cleaning.Use hard chair face, usually metal, plastic and crank wood splint etc.It is divided into two types: indoor and outdoor.

Waiting chair

Height: 400 ~ 440mm

Seat width: > 400mm

Seat depth: not less than 400 ~ 450 mm

Main types: indoor and outdoor

airport waiting chair

Used in airport, station, wharf, hospital and public places for temporary rest.It is often required to be suitable for the environment, strong, beautiful, good carrying capacity, suitable for all kinds of people, and convenient for cleaning.

Because it is convenient for people short time to rest, for facilitating cleanness, use hard chair surface more, commonly be metal, plastic and qu mu splint make chair face more.

The structural characteristics

It is usually composed of seat board (including back), beam, armrest and legs.In most cases, it is composed of several platoon chairs.A single row can be made into two, three and four seats, which can be easily transported and used on site. The single row can not exceed five persons.In some cases, you can add a tea table or an armrest to your seat.

The waiting chair is arranged according to the need to be placed on the scene, there is a large weight, not easy to be moved or moved.


It is usually made of metal (steel plate), plastic or wood, with soft cushion on top of it, and the form of soft pad is the same as the auditorium chair.

It is often used in the structure of the seat and back of the unit, without moving parts.The board requires strong and durable.Must be connected to the beam.Requires the seat to withstand the power of not less than 2000N. The back plate can withstand the strength of not less than 760N.

Cross beam

Connect several plates to a row, and are the main connector for the whole row seat.Must ensure that its strong, have larger bearing capacity, much by metal profiles (beams, crude steel tube, etc.), to keep beautiful, more use a metal pipe, square tube, pipe or other special pipe, etc.).

Almost all parts of the waiting chair (including: seat board, armrest, tea table, feet, etc.) are fixed on the beam.

Arm rest

The handrail of the waiting chair is optional, sometimes each chair has the armrest on both sides, each of each position is equipped with armrest.The armrest of the waiting chair should be strong and durable, which can withstand greater strength to prevent people from damaging the handrail in improper use or congestion.The handrails are made of metal and are firmly attached to the beams or seats.

Stand feet

Stand foot is the ground support piece that waits for chair, it is metal frame orgnaization commonly, demand connection is firm, can bear big load, can hold the ground firmly, unfavorable be moved.

MIF+ Furniture is not only the manufacturer of the airport chair, but also the  supplier of the various Chair base parts (beams, armrests, feet, seat plates) of the chair,  with its own electroplating factory, welcome to the consultation!

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