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What are the advantages and disadvantages of airport chair?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of airport chair?
Update Time:2017-11-30

Most of the airport chairs are stainless steel airport chairs, PU airport chairs, aluminum alloy airport chairs, most of which are used in airports, stations, hospitals, companies, gymnasiums, Banks and other public places.Because it is also known as the stainless steel waiting chair, waiting chair.

The advantages of stainless steel airport chair can be summarized as:

1. Stainless steel airport chair plate, adopted 2.0 after imported cold plate, after rust treatment, electrostatic spraying powder spraying.It effectively improves the appearance and quality of the seat and increases the service life of the chair, preventing corrosion and aging.Seat plate color is natural metallic color, comfortable strong.

2. Armrest, foot frame and bracket are made of aluminum alloy materials, large die-casting molds, direct polishing after casting and spraying of electrostatic spraying powder.

3. The beam shall be 3MM thick 50mm*50mm steel tube, spray air conditioning outdoor paint powder, which can withstand the test of wind, rain and sunshine.The product looks beautiful and fashionable, quality super group, strong and durable, never rust.chair

The face and handrail can be added and decreased according to customer's requirement, can add leather to sit.

4. Upholstered upholstered upholstered cotton, high quality leather material, etc.

5. Products like tea table can be matched

Disadvantages of airport chair:

The drawback of the airport chair is basically no, unless you choose some unknown waiting chair, airport chair manufacturer, they use inferior steel, cause chair easy to rust.Then it will take care of the trouble.sometimes

The waiting screw loose will appear disassembly, maintenance trouble, bad manufacturer after sale slow, irresponsible and so on.

High definition of airport chair:

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